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Our Staff

Here at Civility we have a wonderful team dedicated to looking after all of your needs in hair, beauty, spa treatments.  As in the meaning behind our name "Civility", a readiness to oblige, we are here to care for you.


Graeme has over 40 years of Hairdressing experience.  His passion for hair has taken him all over the globe and he has participated in many courses such as Vidal Sassoon, Sacs of London, attended the World hair Cup in Berlin, London Salon International, spanning several days numerous times, to keep up with the latest trends. Graeme has been fortunate enough to have twice won a High Commend  Award with the L'Oreal Colour Trophy and still enjoys all aspects of our craft.


Lisa has spent her time as a Beauty Therapist, mainly in the Day Spa world of relaxation, she has a gift within her hands to have you relaxed and ready to face the world again. Lisa is also extremely capable with all aspects of the Beauty Treatments available within our menu. 



Kristy is a skilled beauty therapist who strives on perfection. Kristy is an expert in the feild of care and nurture and has ability to take you to the greatest heights of relaxation. Kristy has over 10 years experience as a Beauty Therapist.




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